Saturday, December 7, 2013

Music Video and Single Review: Rebecca Black - Saturday

Rebecca has returned to the calendar, and to the music scene, for her Friday follow up entitled Saturday. And before you bash your head into the keyboard, she isn't taking herself too seriously with this one.

16 year old Black's Saturday video is definitely self aware, something she proved earlier this week by re-watching and cringing through her 2011 viral smash, Friday. She portrays the typical teenage party scene, with a more Disney-image (IE writing fun, fun, fun, fun on passed out party-goers face instead of say… a male body part), and makes sure that this video will prove far less embarrassing. She makes quite a few references to her past work, with a "yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday" bridge, a "gotta have my bowl" of cereal, and the infamous pink clock.

Now, you can't really give much criticism when Black really isn't trying to impress anyone. She's showing that she's moved past the despair Friday bestowed upon her, by making a bearable track. By no means is Saturday a great song (again, that's not what she's going for), but it at least has a nice hook, a non-tortuous vocal, and less unintentional lyric atrocities.

Though it's been made clear that she wasn't going for a great pop song, you still have to wonder if she was going for at least a good or decent one. Between the lines of a parody and an actual song, that's where Saturday falls. But at least we know one thing for sure, she is enjoying herself and her music.

Overall: B-