Monday, February 25, 2013

Single Review: Demi Lovato - Heart Attack

One day after I dropped the girl from A-List to B-List, she comes back with this undeniable smash.
She belts the hell out of the song, reigning in a G5 in the bridge with ease. "Heart Attack" is similar to Die Young, in that it starts out deceptively with acoustic guitars, before charging into an electro-pop anthem. It's not anything extremely different from what's on the radio right now, but the chorus seems unlike anything I've heard in recent memory. It's like a bass drop in the chorus, without the bass drop. Everything seems to explode in the chorus, into a fireball of synths, vocals and guitars. It's incredibly addictive, and judging by it's strong placing at No.1 on iTunes, others seem to agree with me.

Lyrics: B
Vocals: A+
Instrumentation: A+
Overall: A