Sunday, August 25, 2013

Live Performance Review: Katy Perry - Roar @ 2013 VMA's

After weeks on heavy anticipation and chart dominance, Katy gave a surprisingly polished and dare I say, non-pitchy, performance of her smash hit Roar.

Confirming rumours of a Brooklyn Bridge performance, Katy made her way to the bridge via the Prism semi, and gave an MMA inspired performance of Roar. Quickly stripping the coat and boxing gloves, Katy gave what was probably her best televised performance ever. Her vocals were pretty spot on and she gave some fairly rigorous dance moves (not Beyonce rigorous, but for Katy they were pretty evolved).

It wasn't an epic performance, nothing really stood out besides the setting, but of course Katy cats are going to act like she blew up the moon into an actual Prism. It was good, but nobody should lose their hats or anything.