Monday, February 24, 2014

Live Review: Christina Grimmie WRECKS Any Competition @ The Voice

Christina Grimmie has already been a regular on the site (1)(2), but she will soon become a regular on The Voice, and more than likely win. With her cover of Wrecking Ball, Christina mercilessly devastated her competition, showing she does have The Voice.

Christina has showed drastic, drastic improvement with this performance, showing off a gorgeous head voice, vocal agility, and 2 octaves with insane mixing power in just 90 seconds of vocal destruction. She stormed the stage from side to side, working the stage, her voice, and the audience. She's light years ahead of any competition at the moment, also being easily the most famous contestant ever on the show. With over 2,000,000 Facebook likes and YouTube subscribers, and over 375,000 Twitter followers, she already has a massive support system to push her to the top of the pack.

You can watch the video of her audition below, which cuts off right before she picks Adam as her coach. Seriously, the sustained E5 and glissed G5 will bring light to your life.