Thursday, April 11, 2013

Live Review: Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us @ American Idol

Okay, so if you haven't figured it out by now, I love this woman to death. The vocals, the goofball personality, the vocals. She is kind of perfect. And her performance of her sure fire hit "People Like Us" was just one example of her outrageous perfection. People Like Us isn't my favorite Kelly track, to be honest, I found it quite generic. Until this performance.
She did something she's never done before, she dressed up in glowing neon. Eyeliner, dress, earrings, every part of her was glowing, along with her band, even the audience and judges got glowsticks. All of that, combined with a dance floor smasher just merged to create a euphoric, fantastic performance. Her vocals were on point as always, though that note after the bridge did not sound healthy. A blemish compared to the rest of the glory.

After it was all over, Ryan gave Kelly the chance to meet her idol, Mariah Carey. The two had a funny conversation, as is any conversation with Miss Clarkson. "I'm so glad you're not mean," laughed a bubbly Kelly.

America, this is your queen. Embrace her.