Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vocal Range and Profile: Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine)

Range: D3 - F#5 - E6 (C7)
Longest Note: 29 seconds
Vocal Type: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano (3 Octaves, 1 note)
Vocal Rating: C+
Recommended Listenings: Cosmic Love, No Light, No Light

Positives: An instantly recognizable voice that possesses an ethereal quality. Incredible stamina in recorded and live settings. Even her longest notes, topping out above 15 seconds, never waver in pitch in live and recorded situations. 

Her lower register is the weakest part of her voice, but strength and warmth are gained as she ascends. Welch sounds comfortable in this range though she sounds far more comfortable in her lower belting range (G4 - C5) (or at least uses this register more than her other ones).

Her head voice is full and semi-operatic, maintaining an ethereal quality.

Negatives: Her pitch in live settings, especially on television, is hit or miss. The vibrato is also far too fast, and is rooted in her jaw (tremolo). Her voice often shows strain in belts and in vibrato.

There are two A6's in here, but they are being counted as exclamations. D3-A6