Friday, July 11, 2014

Live Review: Kiesza Pulls out All the Stops for Hideaway @ Letterman

As Kiesza begins her ascent up the Billboard charts, Kiesza gave her all on Letterman last night. Working the stage probably more than anyone before her, Kiesza delievered a rousing performance that left Letterman himself ecstatic.

Giving a throwback to the New York shot video, Kiesza enlisted the help of several dancers and a fire hydrant to help her with this performance. The one shot video now has a cousin in a one shot performance. Doing a pretty rigorous dance routine, Kiesza managed to keep her breaths steady - and though there were a couple flat notes - she kept her energy level up until the very end.

The 90's throwback anthem Hideaway hit No.1 in the UK earlier this year, but Kiesza and her label are now pushing the song in the states. If Hideaway continues to perform on it's current track, we could be seeing a lot more of this song.

Overall Grade: A-

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