Monday, March 3, 2014

Live Review: P!nk - Over The Rainbow @ The 86th Academy Awards

Time and time again, P!nk has proven herself to be the most consistent and phenomenal awards show performer since… well ever. But her performance last night did not give the same 'WOW' factor as her past performances of Glitter in the Air and Try.

Now don't get upset, her performance was still good, maybe great, but when we're talking about P!nk, good doesn't cut it. If this was the Grammy's, it would've been forgettable, but because she only had to face Indina Menzel (who slaughtered Let It Go by rushing through it and belted a god awful final note), the performance stood out. Nothing was truly exceptional, but vice versa nothing was terrible. It was solid, which is boring.

Now, I'm glad she didn't use her acrobatics again, because people would complain about how she's covering past territory, but more could have been utilized here (acrobatics may even be justified for this ballad). I'll let you slide on this P!nk, but don't ever give a B-list performance again.

Overall: B+