Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Music Video Review: Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty

Well. Congratulations Avril. You've managed to give the public one of the most desperate "Cry for attention" music videos ever. This makes Not Myself Tonight look like the Do What U Want video (IE, like it never happened). The track is almost as pitiful as Avril Lavigne's sales and the video will do nothing to help that. At all.

First off the track is pitiful with it's horribly disguised sexual innuendos and cutsie metaphor for something just… Odd.. Sorry Avril but the kitty you're talking about ain't that pretty. Poor breakdown post chorus, poor lyrics, poor vocals, poor production. The video is equally as racist as the "Kawaii" track, as Avril tries to envelop herself in Japanese culture, and once more, she fails.

I guess I should bring myself to say something nice about this… I like the guitar. Gross, even giving this one compliment makes me want to bash my head into this keyboard for even thinking it.

Stick to Rock N' Roll Avril. Please.

Watch here at your own risk.

Overall: F