Sunday, August 25, 2013

Live Performance Review: Lady Gaga - Applause @ 2013 VMA's

Gaga had a lot to live up to this VMA. Her iconic Paparazzi performance, her astonishing meat dress and polarizing 2011 Jo Calderon performance have made her the VMA queen. But did she live up to the hype tonight?

The short answer: kind of. The hype for Gaga is always detectable on other planets, and its almost impossible to live up to it. It wasn't Paparazzi, but it would put a lot of other pop girls to shame. Starting off with a fairly creepy staring contest with the camera, a recording of booing with snippets of Applause cut her intro apart.

Thankfully, she dropped the creepy cube and gave newbies a history lesson in Gaga. She busted out the Monster Ball Just Dance outfit, then the Bad Romance wig, before sealing it all with her Applause mermaid outfit, which she wore for the rest of the night. The dancing? Spot on. The vocals? Pretty on point. She had about 2 moments of slight pitch issues (the very beginning and end where she kind of hit the Eb5). All in all, she gave a pretty great performace. Best of the night? No. JT easily swept her with his 13 minute hits medley, but don't let that fool you: Gaga is back.