Saturday, August 10, 2013

Single Review: Katy Perry - Roar

The new single from current Pop Queen Katy Perry leaked early this week, and has been making its rounds around the internet. Whether or not its a gem like E.T. or trash like Part of Me, it will likely go to No.1 anyways. But is it good or bad? Read on to find out!

A single piano chord struts its way throughout the first verse, will Katy spews out some simple and generic lyrics. Right off the bat it sounds like Sara Bareilles' Brave, but less intellectually stimulating at that. Once the chorus kicks in, nothing changes really, except for some bigger drum beats and a guitar. The last chorus brings some power notes, and more instruments which was desperately needed.

Overall, it's disappointing, considering all the hype that lead up to it. This was supposed to be a song that re-defined Katy, a new era was to begin that would stomp out the inferno that was Teenage Dream. Instead, we got a fairly basic, standard Katy track. Sure it's catchy, but that doesn't mean it's not boring or unoriginal. One should be expecting much more from the 2nd single, and the rest of Prism, which isn't what her fans she be left thinking.

Vocals: B-
Lyrics: D+
Instrumentation/Production: C-
Overall: C-

Check it out here.

Edit: After a few more spins, this song isĀ Brave. Nearly identical lyrics and piano chords? More points off.