Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: One Direction- Little Things

Let me say, that after a hoard of dance/pop singles I was very surprised to see UK heartthrobs One Direction release a ballad. It's far from a power ballad, as it's just guitar and over lapping vocals the whole run through. The video is shot in black and white and it brings out the points where the song falls flat.
It's too laid back to really draw anyone in but fans of the group. A guitar and vocal only song, combined with a simplistic, black and white video make for a video that fails to bring anything to the table. It's not going to convince any doubters of any vocal prowess, because the group heavily relies on Liam and Zayn's vocals more than anyone else. The Ed Sheeran-Penned lyrics are quite sentimental, loving all the insecurities that a girl might have (AKAWhat Makes You Beautiful Part 2), and the delivery is quite sincere, but the lack of a crescendo or spine-tingling bridge is what makes the song fall generally flat. It's not easy pulling off a guitar and vocal only song, but it's a decent attempt from the relatively new musicians.

Vocals: B
Lyrics: B
Music: C-
Overall: C+

Watch the video here: