Friday, March 15, 2013

Single Review: Paramore - Still Into You

Oh Paramore, how I love you so. With Hayley's rocking vocals (without the unhealthy screeching), thought provoking lyrics, and sonic diversity, Paramore is a machine of its own. But after the crushing disappointment of Now, I had almost given up on my favorite band. Then, Paramore did what it does best, simple yet genius love songs.
The lyrics lead you to believe that it will take the stereotypical, mainstream direction, then Hayley jerks you to a place of originality, showing how much unseen song-writing prowess she really has. The result is heart warming, toe tapping jam. If I had known this was in Paramore's arsenal, I wouldn't have been so devastated by Now. But now that I know they haven't thrown everything away, I'm more excited than ever for their latest album. This new single gives me more appreciation for Now, and it seems obvious to me that Now was a decoy single. Now wasn't supposed to be an airplay dominator, it was a song for the fans, to show that they had some new material up their sleeve. While Still Into You shows that the signature Paramore is still there.

Well done Paramore. Well done.

Oh and the lyric video? Best lyric video in history. So simple, so adorable, so charming.

Lyrics: A-
Vocals: A
Instrumentation: A-
Overall: A