Friday, November 23, 2012

Vocal Range and Profile: Demi Lovato

Range: C3 - Bb5 - Eb7 (E7)
Longest Note: 16 Seconds
Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano (4 Octaves, 1 note and a semi tone.)
Vocal Rating: B-
Recommended Listenings: Heart Attack, Skyscraper, Wildfire

Wide chest register, topping out at Bb5. The belting register has been developing a healthier mix, and generally sounds easy in the studio. Her melismatic control has grown stronger through practice, and can now stay in key. Her raspy mid-register and voice in general, accompanied by solid understanding of phrasing, conveys emotions very well.

Though her lower register is hit or miss due to placement, it has shown the ability to resonate fairly well down to C#3.

The whistle register is piercing with a rolling vibrato.

Demi's voice is able to transcend through genres, including Pop, Rock, Ballads, Jazz and Musical Theatre. Her stamina live is notably strong, keeping up with the demanding nature of her works. Capable of singing arpeggios that travel through different ranges of the voice.

Her cracky rasp is not to everyone's taste. Her upper belts can sound shrill at points, sound unstable without mixing, and can be interpreted as shouting.  She employs the use of melisma very often in live performances and often takes deep and heavy breaths, which can become irritating to some, as well as creating a tremolo (uneven and unnatural oscillations of vibrato). The falsetto and head voice are underutilized and sound weak.

Support is also an issue, only being present from around A3 - C5. While Lovato has recently developed her technique, she is still wildly inconsistent, often due to fatigue.