Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vocal Range and Profile: Whitney Houston

Range: A2 - G#5 - C#6 (A6)
Longest Note: 16 Seconds
Vocal Type: Spinto-Soprano (3 Octaves, 2 notes)
Vocal Rating: Star
Recommended Listenings: I Will Always Love You, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Star Spangled Banner

A defining, trademarked voice. Incredible breath support, showing no signs of fatigue and carrying extensive legato passages with ease. Incredible utilization of dynamics, using all volumes from fortissimo to pianissimo and everything in between to craft incredible phrases. Though she didn't lean heavily on her melismatic prowess, she was more than capable of using the technique and use it carefully, as well as playing with rhythmic figures to create cadences and other musical effects. Great control of her passagio; and incredibly balanced instrument. 

Powerful, resonant belts that are mixed with head voice, that are well-supported and healthy, projecting massive resonance with ease. A master of breath support, Houston rarely ventured outside of her embodied range (a positive trait). Able to rapid fire mid and upper belts. Her low notes are also well supported, dark and full. The head voice is resonant and piercing, full and fluid. 

Her vibrato is well developed and rolling, and can be executed with ease. Her timbre is velvety and luscious and makes for a perfect midrange. She is also able to sing complex melisma in all registers, with every register well connected. Pitch perfect in 99% of performances.

Her upper chest register notes can only be held for so long, and her voice can become shrill or unpleasant approaching F#5. Occasionally raises her larynx in upper-belts. 

Her A6, which is being counted as an exclamation.

C3 - C#6

A2 - A6