Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Carly Rae Jepsen

Vocal Range: D3 - F5 - D6
Vocal Fach: Soubrette (3 octaves)
Vocal Rating: C
Recommended Listenings: Your Heart Is A Muscle, Tonight I'm Getting Over You

Positives: A light, sweet and airy voice that's bright and youthful from top to bottom. Though far from an exceptional vocalist, Jepsen's voice displays positive traits.

Her lower register is light and airy, but often fits the style of her music and maintains pitch accuracy. Unfortunately, support is only present down to A3.

As she ascends her voice sheds some of the breathiness, becoming fuller with support being found consistently up to A4 and occasionally up to C5, while phrasing up to Eb5. In the fifth octave, her voice gains some push and rasp, a product of throatiness.

Her falsetto is light and bright, maintaining some stamina (When I Needed You), register transitions, and ease.

Negatives: The voice lacks resonance and the supported ranger is limited, while the lower register is foggy and breathy. Her belts are often throaty without breath support, and can waver in intonation. The girlish tone and rasp is also polarizing. 

D3 - F5 - D6