Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is Demi Lovato the Voice of the Next Generation?

Demi Lovato certainly rings a few bells in the world of vocals. Her fans/stans constantly cite her powerful lungs as being Grammy worthy. But is she really all that great?
Why She's Great

1. Those Belts!
Demi certainly has that soprano belting voice, a voice that stretches dangerously high, up to an A5 with ease. Ryan Tedder and numerous critics have cited her vocal power as being up there with power houses like Kelly Clarkson, and its hard to disagree. Kelly has even said she's a fan of her voice. The girl can sing her face off, and people across the globe agree.

2. The Emotions
Demi has been through a lot, and she shows it. In power ballads like "Skyscraper," "For the Love of a Daughter," and "Warrior," she shows how broken she is, and every bit of what she is feeling is squeezed into her voice. She aches with heart break, she screams with accusations, she puts it all out there, and it makes her more believable as an artist. No one can pull off broken like Demi can.

Why She's Not

1. Kelly Clarkson Wanna-Be?
Even though being compared to Miss Clarkson is a mighty compliment, it also comes with some hard expectations. Demi doesn't have Clarkson's range; she can't whistle, and has been struggling with her low notes since day 1. She hasn't pumped out a "Since U Been Gone" competitor, the closest she's gotten is the power pop "Remember December." While the two sound similar, one is clearly superior.

2. The Pitch (or as her stans say "sickness")
No one seems to want to call her out on this, but her pitch live... isn't all that great. At first, those accusations of Auto-Tune on the X Factor seemed out of place (especially with Auto-Tune princess Britney Spears sitting nearby), but now it all makes sense. She needs it. And her fans constantly defend her pitch by flooding the YouTube comment sections with messages like this: "OMG MY GURL DEMI IS SICK <3 <3 LEAVE HER ALONE SHE SOUNDS GREAT" Honestly, Demi gets sick a lot. But there's no way she is sick for every pitchy performance she gives, and there are a lot of them.
Without Auto-tune:
With auto-tune:

Sounds better with it doesn't she?

Well I've made my case. Is Demi really the next heir to the throne for "The Voice?" Comment away!