Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Carrie Underwood

Vocal Range: D3 - G5 - F#6 (Bb6)
Longest Note: 20 Seconds (I Know You Won't Live)
Vocal Type: Full-Lyric Soprano (Though she tries to mimic Mezzo singers) (3 octaves, 2 notes)
Vocal Rating: A-List

Ability to hold notes for extended periods without wavering in pitch, with or without vibrato (Blown Away, I Know You Won't live). She is capable of using properly executed drives as well.

Her lower register is smoky, and maintains the slightly metallic quality of the rest of the range. As she ascends, she finds her strength: her middle register. Hher lung capacity here is incredible, holding resonant and well-supported notes without issue.

A sweet falsetto that is light and airy, as well as a thick, soothing head voice. As a musician, her delivery can be aching, as well as fierce and vigorous (Before He Cheats).

The voice can be nasally, and chest notes become more and more "shouty" as they ascend. Her head voice sounds disconnected from the rest of the voice, and thin. Her vibrato, though a trademark of the voice, sounds uneven. Her larynx placement is also inconsistent.