Friday, October 11, 2013

Live Performance Review: Kelly Clarkson - Fair Trade Concert

After a two month tour, one would expect Kelly Clarkson's voice to be a little out of shape. However, the 31 year old Texan delivered an incredible acoustic only performance in New York this week, in support of Fair Trade.

Taking to the stage, Kelly comfortably delivered some massive vocals. In her 5 song set, she performed some hits (Stronger, Don't You Wanna Stay) and the rare live gem, Sober. On the latter, she made My Country Tis of Thee's emotional impact equivalent to "Happy Birthday." Through somber verses, and an incredible bridge, Kelly herself was left on the verge of tears when the guitars were laid to rest.

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - She kept it simple, staying pretty low to the ground in terms of vocal height. Still a solid performance.

Don't You Wanna Stay - Restrained and beautiful. I dare to say she made it sound better with out Aldean.

People Like Us - Similar to Stronger, it stayed pretty low to the ground, but was probably the low point of the set.

Sober - Epic. No one can touch that bridge, and I really mean, no one.

Bonus Performance: Behind These Hazel Eyes - She should move past the point of raising the key to Ab minor, because she's more than capable of comfortably singing the F#3's now than during Breakaway. I miss hearing her blast her ex-lover with her legendary "Anymore" high note. Anyways, she still delivered a great performance, making a dark song a real foot tapper.

Overall Grade: A

(Cover Photo from Associated Press)