Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vocal Range and Profile: Kiesza

Vocal Range: E3 - A5 - F#6
Vocal Rating: B-
Vocal Type: Light Lyric Soprano (3 Octaves)
Recommended Listenings: No Enemiesz, Hideaway

Positives: Great connection between all ranges of the voice, creating great ease throughout ever register. A great mixed voice allows her to reach up to G#5 without any hints of strain, while the head voice is flawlessly connected to her chest voice and can ascend to F#6 without issue. The head voice is light and feminine. The lower register though under utilized and not extensive, does not seem to illustrate any technical issues. Solid breath control allows to her to perform dance routines and still hit G5's and G#5's without the pitch suffering (see Hideaway and No Enemiesz live). Good dynamic control (What is Love)

Negatives: A strange twang to her voice becomes apparent in some chest notes which can sound like tension, and vibrato isn't utilized very often.

G3 - G#5 - F#6
An E3 can be found in her performance of Take Me To Church in Berlin.