Saturday, September 7, 2013

Battle of The Teens: Lorde Vs. Birdy

Two up and coming 16 year olds in the music industry: which one comes out on top?

These two teens have broken out of the standard pop-girl mold, with Lorde adapting an Alternative sound while Birdy takes on an acoustic Folk one. Lorde has been the most successful of the two by far, sending Royals into the Top 10 of major music markets across the globe, while Birdy has been fairly modest with her success. But even though Lorde is the more successful, which one is better?

Royals - Lorde
The snap led single from Lorde could probably find its way into Lana Del Rey's discography with very little re-working. Her lyrics are far beyond her years, accompanied with a restrained production from Joel Little. She's created her own unique sound, astonishing for someone as young as 16, and for anyone putting out their first album. Even though she's obviously inspired by the afermentioned Del Rey, she's nowhere near as bombastic, which may be why she's so charming.

Vocals: B-
Lyrics: A
Production: A-
Overall: A-

Birdy - Without A Word
Birdy is the most impassioned teenager ever to grace airwaves since LeAnn Rimes in 1997. How she musters so much gut-wrenching heartbreak with such ease is awe-inspiring. Her lyrics, though simple, are beautifully translated with her gorgeous delivery, making them even more powerful. The piano line,   again very simple (Very reminiscent of Rihanna's We Found Love in fact) works as a wonderful accompaniment to her vocal. Stunning.

Vocals: A+
Lyrics: B+
Instrumentation: A-
Overall: A+

These two girls have their strengths: Lorde's is that she thinks light years ahead of her peers, while Birdy's is that she can emote like a veteran. Even though I slightly prefer Birdy to Lorde, I have to say they are equals in terms of quality, though Lorde is far superior with success.

What do you think about these two songstresses? Comment and let me know what you think!