Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vocal Range and Profile: Katy Perry

Range: D3 - A5 - G#6 (C#7)
Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano (3 octaves 3 notes and a semi-tone)
Vocal Rating: C-
Recommended Listenings: Thinking of You, Who Am I Living For, Teenage Dream

Instantly recognizable voice, that carries a slight rasp and airiness in the mid-range. Dark low notes that have become better supported over time, reaching D3s. Solid, fairly resonant belts that can be placed in or out of the throat for emotional leverage (see Roar). A warm falsetto that Perry has no issues staying in for extended periods of time is the highlight of the voice.

Impeccable tendency to become pitchy or off key. The voice can especially in live settings, become nasal. Her live vocals are usually off key on Televised performances, which could suggest nerves, for her touring vocals are significantly better, especially in the belting department. Most belts lack vibrato. Melismas sound unpolished and go off key. Her vocals can also be perceived as "icy."