Friday, August 2, 2013

Katy Perry #ROARS Back

The Teenage Dream era is gone, and Katy means it. In the promo for her newest single, Roar, she ushers in a new era of Katy-ness.

After 3 years of riding the wave of her outrageously successful Teenage Dream album, including a re-release; Katy announced last week (with a golden semi-truck) that her new album, Prism, would drop on October 22, adding to an extensive list of new album drops this quarter from Pop Queens. In a jaw-dropping, adrenaline pumping move, she sets her infamous blue wig on fire, while announcing her new single Roar will drop in 10 days, August 12th. It's interesting timing, considering both her single and album will drop before Lady Gaga's respective works. Smart thinking, Capitol Records. A VMA comeback perhaps? We can only hope at this point.

So, the question everyone is for sure buzzing about on ATRL right now: will Blurred Lines keep the Katy cats from a No.1 debut in the coming weeks? After all, Robin did manage to fend off the throngs of Directioners from claiming a No.1 this week. Considering Katy has managed a No.1 debut before fending off Kelly Clarkson and Adele, I think she'll do it. Heck, this will probably be only the second time in American history that two songs debuted at No.1 back to back (Being partnered with the previously mentioned Gaga's Applause).