Friday, November 7, 2014

Single Review: Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants

Congratulations Selena, you've done something that many artists strive to do and fail to do time and time again. You finally made music for yourself, free of following the trends, free of trying to appeal to others; you made music that is for you and your healing. You've made a real artistic leap from Stars Dance and the general public should greatly appreciate that.

Stars Dance was a mess. Sure Come and Get It oozed sleek dubstep pop, but the rest of the album didn't have much to say. It felt like a label head was watching over her shoulder the entire time she was working on it to make something for the label and not for herself. However, The Heart Wants What It Wants is different, it's incredibly open, and offers new insight into one of the world's most infamous couples, it's quite the risk.

That said, THWWIW isn't perfect, production wise, it is lacking. There's only one small hook, and it doesn't leave a lasting impression. However, this opens many new doors for Selena to walk through, and hopefully this shows how risky and true to herself she will be with her music in the future.

Overall: 74/100