Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Gwen Stefani

Range: D3 - D6 - Bb6 (B6)
Longest Note: 10 seconds
Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano (3 octaves, 5 notes)
Vocal Rating: B-

Positives: Instantly recognizable tone. Incredible ability to mix belts up to D6, and sustain them for short periods (1-3 seconds). Everything in her range sounds easily accessible, meaning that she is only singing in her true range. Her lows are full and supported, while the belts come with a coarse, rock edge.

Her voice has remained in the same condition for years, a rare quality for most pop singers. Her head voice, being light and agile, can transition to and from a chest belt with ease. Her voice can move from Pop to Rock sounds with ease.

Negatives: The thin, nasal quality of her voice can become overwhelming at points. Her belts tend to be placed in the throat, and her unique vibrato may not be to everyones taste.