Monday, January 13, 2014

Single Review: Shakira Feat. Rihanna - Can't Remember to Forget You

After nearly a month of dormancy, Critic of Music is back with first post of 2014. And what a way to start the year with two of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Shakira and Rihanna collaborating on Can’t Remember to Forget You.

Where Can’t Remember tries to be different, it gets scared, and concedes to typical pop-rock radio fodder. The Caribbean-Latin vibe in the verses is something that we’ve seen from Shakira very often, but Rihanna tends to keep that sound hidden deep in her albums (bar the overshadowed single You Da One). But the chorus quickly comes out at you like a fireball of misplaced guitars and synths, with Shakira’s “oh’s” only growing more irritating as the song progresses. Rihanna somewhat mimics her diction, but takes more liberty with the rhythm in the chorus.

The lyrics, though they come coupled with the interesting line “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” fail to bring anything as witty or charming to the table. It’s like Katy Perry had her Roar lyrics ripped off and spattered on this mumbled love song (which just continues a sad pattern, ask Sara Bareilles). Is it catchy? Kind of. Is it revolutionary? Not at all. Overall, a major disappointment from two accomplished pop stars.

Lyrics: D+

Vocals: C-

Production: C

Overall: C-