Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Best Pop Songs of 2013

With a just a week left in 2013, and with no major album releases coming (except for a Beyoncé wannabe potentially dropping without notice), it is time to unveil the best pop songs of the year.

Last years rating on this site was just messy, we shall never speak of it again. This year, instead of saying "this was the 77th best pop song this year," I'll just be listing some standouts with no relative order.

Applause: Lady Gaga

Looking at year end lists from other publications, I would always be shocked and disappointed that Applause would be snubbed, and somehow Roar would find it's way into the rankings. Not here. Applause was everything we could've wanted from Gaga, she put her signature dance-pop sound into the Top 10 for 14 weeks. The ominous 64-bit groove quickly morphs into her signature massive chorus. Job well done.

Heart Attack: Demi Lovato

Again, this track always managed to be overlooked. There isn't one flaw in this whole song, except for the fact that Demi's range spans 2+ octaves in the track, making it almost impossible to sing along too. But you can't help but try anyways. Lyrically it's nothing genius in terms of thought, but coupled with a stellar production and vocal, it becomes one of the most infectious tracks of the year.

Counting Stars: OneRepublic

What in the hell Ryan Tedder was describing in this song will remain forever a mystery, but this gospelly-pop-rock gem slowly stormed the airwaves across the country, taking residence at No.3 on the Hot 100 this week. Tedder's baritone and guitar intro gives way to sweeping verses and choruses, backed by massive instrumentation. Even the snobbiest hipster will have to admit, this is a good song.

Sky Ferreira: You're Not the One

One of the less mainstream offerings here, Sky's signature sound comes across as a P!nk-Lana Del Rey-With-A-Little-Arctic-Monkeys mix. And what a good combination it is. She takes an older rock sound and makes it feel new, a refreshing blast of fresh air from the dub step atrocities we've seen the past year.

Haunted: Beyoncé

Don't expect to hear this track on your local radio station anytime soon. I can think of dozens of pop artists who have a track in their discography entitled Haunted, and not one single person has made a track with that title truly haunting. Then Beyoncé came along. With the Ghost intro and strange lyricism and video, Beyoncé creeps you the f*** out. And it's awesome.

XO: Beyoncé

So Beyoncé already has a track on the list, but her last LP was just too good to be represented by only one track. XO is just an incredible power ballad. But it doesn't feel like a power ballad, the chorus could easily reign supreme at any party thrown. I don't need to say much, because XO speaks for itself.

Rock N' Roll: Avril Lavigne

Yes, the lyrics are pretty washed up. But the spunk Lavigne carries here, paired up with that incredible chorus just make Rock N' Roll irresistible. Usually when people say that they don't care, they do. But you can really tell, that Lavigne truly does not give one single f***.

Tennis Court: Lorde

Don't get me wrong, Royals was great, but Tennis Court is just mind boggling. It's a bit creepy, and why she wrote about a Tennis Court of all things is a bit strange, but the little pings in the verse somehow fill a room. Lorde lives up to her name with this one.

Eden: Sara Bareilles

"Let me paint a picture for you then I'll have to teach you to see it," IE just one of the incredible lyrics we find in this gem. This album track was inspired by Bareilles's move from Los Angeles to New York and realizing that LA wasn't as great as she thought. Eden however, is just as good any of the best pop offerings this year. No one would've predicted that Bareilles could have pulled of an 80's synthesized production this well, but she by damn, she did.

What were your favorite tracks from this year? Comment below!