Friday, November 2, 2012

Vocal Range and Profile: Lady Gaga

Range: F#2 - G5 - C6 (E7)

Longest Note: 20 seconds (The Abramovic Method)
Vocal Type: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano, though Contralto is a common but incorrect perception. (3 Octaves and 3 notes)
Vocal Rating: A
Recommended Listenings: Government Hooker, Speechless, Wonderful, Do What U Want

A properly trained singer with great technique. Her belts are resonant and supported well, reaching up to G5 in early recordings, and up to F#5 in Do What U Want. She is capable of rapid firing high belts, (see the last chorus of Marry the Night). Her low notes are very dark and full, but can also mimic a talking voice. Her head voice can be thick with an operatic weight, or light and airy. The contrast in colors in her tone is impressive though her voice sits naturally with a darker tone.

Distinctive, unique vocal phrasing, that allows for her to communicate an array of emotions. Even though she is capable of singing a melisma, she does not overuse the technique to show her abilities. Great legato lines and respectable staccato ones as well. Ability to hold pitches for extended periods without wavering. Her voice can transcend through multiple genres, including balladry, dance/pop, country, jazz and rock.

Her vibrato and placement are some of her strongest points. Her vibrato is wide, controlled with an operatic quality and is executed excellently. Her placement for her belts is becoming stronger over time, there is less strain on her D5's, Eb5's and E5's.

In her early career starting at D5, her belts were shouty and poorly mixed. She rarely uses her head voice live (at least above E5), and lacks projection in that area. After vocal coaching in 2014/2015, her issue mostly lies with mask placement and occasionally dropping support above C5.

Her range with exclamations: F#2 - F#6

ARTPOP Vocal Range: F#2-A5

F#2 in "Do What U Want"