Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Single Review: Zedd Feat. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night

After Clarity soared into Billboard's Top 10, and while Still Into You continues its steady ascent up the same chart, Zedd and Hayley Williams have come together for Stay The Night, off of Zedd's rerelease for his album Clarity. But don't let the zombie-esque cover art deter you, its still a pretty blatant, club ready single.

Right off the bat, the Clarity shadow is pretty evident here, starting off with a similar piano riff and ballad lyrics. What made Clarity so effective as an electro-ballad was Zedd's combination of, of course, EDM and balladry. Here, the lyrics are second rate to those of Clarity, and having a superior song like that lingering over Stay The Night makes it hard to avoid comparisons.

That being said, Stay The Night is far from a bad song, quite the opposite, its great. Hayley shows off some vocal versatility, being quiet and restrained on simpler lines and then taking it into the clouds with some higher pitches. Zedd of course, creates an excellent, radio friendly background for Hayley. Together, they've created a strong showing for Pop radio.

Vocals: A-
Lyrics: C
Production: A
Overall: A-