Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Song Review: Almost is Never Enough - Ariana Grande feat. Nathan Sykes

I'm a bit done with Ariana after this, and have an unfavorable view towards Nathan Sykes as well.

I know you've had to have heard this 400 times, and are expecting me to say it as well, but yet again, Ariana has failed to move past her obsession with Mariah Carey. Honestly, Ariana isn't even her own artist at all now, she's a Mariah Carey cover artist. And why would you want to be a copy cat when you can be the original legend? This formula has worn out quick, and I'm honestly quite fed up with Ariana selling the public more and more Mariah rip-offs.

As for Nathan, the only The Wanted song I've ever heard is Glad You Came, and after this, I have no interest in hearing anything more from him or his group. His whiny, nasally tone was an instant turn off for me, and his ego was far louder than any genuine feelings her tried to pour into the song. And Ariana's delivery didn't come off as sincere or genuine either, they both sang like they were pretty faced robots.

Vocals: B
Instrumentation: C-
Lyrics: C-
Overall: D+