Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vocal Range and Profile: Jessie J

Vocal Range: C#3 - Bb5 - C6 (Eb7)
Vocal Fach: Light-Lyric Soprano (3 octaves)
Vocal Rating: A-List

Positives: A very fluid voice with an underestimated rock edge. Great fluidity, capable of singing incredibly long and complicated melismas with ease. She is able to utilize this ornament in all areas of her voice. She has explored the whistle register with exclamations, occasionally glissing into the 7th octave.

The lower register while the weakest part of the range, can have a slow vibrato applied to it. The mid-range gains healthy resonance, and it where the voice sounds its healthiest, accompanied by Jessie's lightning fast diction and rhythm. The upper chest voice maintains this piercing quality, though it noticeably thins above E5 and Jessie slides into a mixed voice.

Negatives: Notes above E5 can become shrill and thin, and are often squeezed, making them unpleasant to the ear while low notes (below F3) lack resonance and are breathy. Jessie also lacks restraint, struggling not to rely on melismas to impress. Her vibrato and its speed can also be polarizing (often being too fast).

Her 7th octave glissandos aren't being counted because they're not being sung in a key, and there's no accuracy or pitch control for those notes.