Friday, November 2, 2012

Vocal Range and Profile: Taylor Swift

Range: C#3 - G5 - G5

Longest Note: 15 Seconds
Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano (2 Octaves, 3 notes and a semi-tone)
Vocal Rating: D+
Recommended Listenings: I Knew You Were Trouble, Untouchable

Positives: The voice overall has a pleasant timbre that is very sweet and gentle, and can convey emotions by experimenting (somewhat) with rhythmic figures and articulation to match the moods of her songs. Ability to hold notes for long periods of time with good stamina and no wavering in pitch, and pluck between head voice and chest voice very easily.

A dark lower register that Swift finds herself generally comfortable in. As she ascends, her voice becomes more feminine and "peppy," with a slight, sharp edge. Her tessitura is relatively low for a soprano, settling around the B4-D5 range. Sweet head voice.

Negatives: The lower register has a tendency to become airy below E3. 
Her live performances have often been panned for being pitchy and/or off-key, and the voice can become nasal at times. Her belts are pinched above B4, and drops breath support below G#3. She relies heavily on her head voice for most notes in the 5th octave.

She can only hold her stamina when performing one song at a time, such as at an awards show, but at concerts, her energy drains very quickly, with little body motion or dancing. Her breath support is the most likely culprit for this. All registers lack vibrato as well.

C3 - G5 - C6