Friday, March 25, 2016

Vocal Range and Profile: Liam Payne (One Direction)

Vocal Range: C#2 - C5 - Bb5 (B5)
Vocal Type: Lyric Baritone (3 octaves, 4 notes and a semi-tone)
Vocal Rating: B+

Positives: Robust, clear lower register that is projected well, often being the bass of harmonies in his group. This area is achieved with great technique and support down to F#2. A highlight of the voice.

Slightly brightening as he ascends, the middle register still maintains ease and displays a warm, masculine tone. Though he gains a slight (pushed) rasp above E4, his voice remains open, projecting well. Unlike the rest of One Direction, Payne has a well-developed mixed voice, allowing him to access a clean, head-dominant C5 belt. 

A light, warm falsetto that Payne has no issues staying in for extended periods. This area possesses a soft vibrato and is reached with ease until around Eb5 when Payne needs more volume to phonate.

Solid understanding of musical phrasing, being considerate to the music by changing vocal colors, texture, and dynamics.

Negatives: The upper extremes of the falsetto are unstable and undeveloped, and the chest register thins considerably as he ascends. Though he mixes at the extremes of his chest voice, the rest of the belting range could use a more even mix.

C#2 - G4 (C#5) - G5