Friday, May 31, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Adele

Vocal Range: C3 - E5 - C6 (D6)
Voice Type: Dark Mezzo-Soprano (3 octaves)
Vocal Rating: C+
Recommended Listenings: Hometown Glory, I Can't Make You Love Me, Someone Like You, Rolling In The Deep

Positives: Adele is known for two things: Power, and Emotion. Though her belts don't stretch incredibly high range wise, they tower over most competitors in terms of sheer force (see Rolling In The Deep). Her emotions conversely, are just as moving. She plays scornful ex-girlfriend, wallowing-in-heartbreak ex-lover, and sweet-wife with gut wrenching ability. 

Her lower register is weighty and full, (see Hometown Glory). The mid-range and belting register loses weight as it ascends, meaning that lower belts are more powerful than upper ones. Though not often used, Her falsetto is airy and used with great expression (Someone Like You), while the head voice is fuller, though not quite operatic. Excellent, natural vibrato.

Negatives: Adele uses improper, damaging technique to achieve the resonance of her upper belts. She also opts not to use her falsetto/head voice very often live, though this could be an artistic decision. 

C3- E5 - F#5

(Bb2)C3 - Eb5 - C6