Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vocal Range and Profile: Harry Styles (One Direction)

Vocal Range: A2 - A4 - Eb5 
Vocal Type: Baritone (2 octaves, 4 notes)
Vocal Rating: B-List

Positives: A darker voice than most of his band mates. A moderately heavy voice coupled with distinctive vocal styling which comes with vocal drives and a slight edge. Usually opts for a soft head voice as opposed to a lighter falsetto. In contrast, Styles has a dark and husky lower register down to B2. Good rolling vibrato.

Negatives: Most belts are tense and pushed. Signs of damage and subpar technique show in belts starting at F#4. The lower register loses considerable resonance below D3.

B2 - A4 - Eb5 (An A2 is found in "Over Again")

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