Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vocal Range and Profile: Lana Del Rey

Vocal Range: F#2 - F5 - E6 (G6)
Voice Type: Dugazon (3 octaves and 5 notes)
Vocal Rating: C+
Recommended Listenings: Brite Lites, Heart-Shaped Box, Young and Beautiful

Positives: Lana has adopted a unique style of phrasing, combined with her unique vocal type, that makes her voice instantly recognizable. Her voice compliments her darker musical styling, but can also adopt a much happier style (Compare Born To Die to Off To the Races).

Her low notes are her most identifiable feature, developing an impressive lower register. Though initially (and still somewhat) foggy, they have grown over time to become heavier and darker.

Her midrange brightens and it ascends, gaining a youthful timbre, compared to her dark lower register. She rarely uses her upper chest voice (B4-E5), instead she opts for her head voice and falsetto. Her falsetto is incredibly light, and Del Rey has no issues staying in this register for extensive periods. The head voice is fuller and almost operatic (Brite Lites). Though not utilized often, her upper chest voice is projected well.

Overall her voice starts off very dark at the bottom, before becoming remarkably bright at the top.

Negatives:Though her phrasing is unique, it can percieved as 'hollow' or 'icy.' Her live performances have drawn heavy criticism for being unpolished in terms of phrasing, leading to off-key runs and intonation issues. Lower notes are also hit with a low larynx, and her voice is often nasal.

B2-D6 (Eb6)