Saturday, May 18, 2013

5 Lady Gaga Demos To Tide You Over Until ARTPOP

As the music world continues anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lady Gaga's LP ARTPOP, some of us need some new music to munch on until the album drops. Here are some demos you need to keep your sanity:
5. Quicksand (Feat. Lady Gaga)
Okay, so this is actually a Britney Spears tune written by Gaga as a bonus track for her 2008 release Circus. However, you can pick out Gaga's backing vocals in the track with ease. Pretty infectious, with two pop divas 'duetting' per say.

4. Glitter and Grease
This catchy gem unfortunately never made its way into a studio, but thats okay, since Gaga performed the track as a part of her Monster Ball setlist. Lyrically, it's about Gaga trashing Luc Carl's car for attention by rubbing Glitter and Grease on his 'Watermelon Green' Chevy El Camino. That hook will have you singing "Rub that glitter and grease around" for weeks.

3. Captivated / Electric Kiss
Think back to a land where Lady Gaga didn't exist. Scary isn't it? Even when she didn't have a label, she was still rocking talent shows across New York, and here, she took 3rd place in NYU's Ultraviolet Talent show. She started off with a gorgeous, heart felt ballad Captivated, before making a full 180 turn into the dissonant piano jam Electric Kiss. This is where Gaga belted out her highest recorded note, a G5 at the end of 'Kiss.'

2. Reloaded (Feat. Rodney Jerkins)
This percussion driven toe-tapper really could have made a home on The Fame. Haunting melodies, stuttered hooks, the constant drum beats, this baby has it all. The rap in the bridge doesn't ruin the song either! Download it now.

1. Wonderful
The most popular Lady Gaga demo of all time with 1.2 million hits, and is thankfully the best. Its her best lyric work ever, its her best piano work ever, and its one of her most enraptured vocals ever. She sings with desperate honesty, she puts it all out there and it makes this 60's ballad truly capturing. Straight up talent. Now I miss Gaga even more now that I've listened to this masterpiece... (sniffle, sniffle).

What's you favorite Lady Gaga demo? Is your favorite missing? Comment below!