Saturday, November 9, 2013

Single Review: Doug Briney - Super Country Cowboy

I was contacted over Twitter this past week to review a single from Doug Briney (whom I've never heard of), but flattered, I obliged. Here is that review:

Right of the bat, the first thing that struck me with the title was "generic." It places two Country-genre stereotypes in the title (Country and Cowboy), while simply placing "Super" in front of it to diversify it.  From there, it doesn't expand any further into an original song.

What is the diversity here? What makes Doug any different from Tate Stevens, Brad Paisley, any singer with a cowboy hat and a deep voice blasting Country music? He even references "Achy Breaky Heart" in the chorus, which doesn't exactly help his case at all. 

Backing off from that lambasting, Cowboy does have it's moments where it is sorta fun. The downbeat driven guitars move the pace along, and almost offers something sonically diverse,  but it concedes to a cookie-cutter Country chorus.

If Doug really wants to make it big (IE getting a Wikipedia article would be a nice start), there HAS to be something new to the table to offer. At the moment, it seems like Doug could easily drown in the sea of other baritone cowboys wandering through Nashville looking to make it big.

Overall: D+

You can listen to Super Country Cowboy and more material from Doug here.