Monday, September 8, 2014

Does Demi Lovato Need to Give Her Voice a Break (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah)?

Pardon the pun, but does Demi need to give herself and her voice some rest? The past year and a half have been taking a toll on her vocally, from pitchy performances, to tonsils being removed and straight up unhealthy cracking, Demetria seems to have a real problem on her hands. She may be, yes, losing her voice.

While Demi is known in the pop circuit and amongst her fans for having impressive vocal prowess, she has seemingly hit a wall. Take a look at some of my reasons for concern below:

While Demi has outright said herself that she "hated" this performance, it doesn't excuse the fact that it was like she was wearing pitch repellent that night. C#5's shouldn't be a workout in all honesty.

This video was the spark of my concern. Scary stuff right here.

But Demi has also had solid moments, seen here. 

So, what say ye? Should Demi keep trucking along like she has for the past 18 months or so, or should she take some time off (after her world tour of course)? My advice: take vocal lessons ASAP, and get a healthy mix going on. Please Demi. Please.