Sunday, December 9, 2012

The 3 Best Pop Albums of 2012

2012, another year of pop dominance. But which 3 artists dominated with their albums?

3. Kesha- Warrior + Desconstructed
Kesha's "Warrior" was a true tour-de-force, fighting to shed her B-List status. With the standard synth laced beats from her we have come to love, as well as some rock experimenting, she fulfilled the promises she made to us last year. She cut back on the auto-tune, while maintaining her signature dose of the tool, and gave us a bone to gnaw after waiting for two years. And with the bundled "Deconstructed" EP, she should finally be able to silence anyone who have doubted her vocal prowess.

2. P!nk- The Truth About Love
P!nk. AKA the most under rated powerhouse vocalist, and award show stopper. "The Truth About Love is it's blood and it's guts" she proclaims on the title track, and proves she's as blunt as ever, with her swear jar worthy album. Just when you thought her voice and music couldn't get any better than 2008's "Funhouse," her range suddenly exploded, adding in those insane high notes that we never thought we could receive from an alto. And with songs like "Slut Like You" and "Walk of Shame," P!nk proves she's as fun as ever, and not going any where for many years to come.

1. Ellie Goulding- Halcyon
Oh Ellie. Why did the mainstream have to wait two years for your arrival? We're glad you got here eventually. After listening to her debut album "Lights," you wouldn't expect for her to make an album that takes on a hybrid of Lady Gaga, Skrillex and Florence + The Machine would you? But she does, and man does she pull it off. Halcyon is full dubstep tracks like "Figure 8" and "Only You" that we've been DYING to hear since her relationship with Skrillex began, and those sweet, airy ballads like her astonishing "Your Song" cover. Halcyon is far from peaceful, it's haunting, dark, and overall, the best pop album of 2012.