Friday, May 31, 2013

Demi Lovato Vs. Ariana Grande

These two teen stars have not only been slaying the charts recently, they have been causing a stir in the world of vocals. Essentially, its Teen Kelly Clarkson Vs. Teen Mariah Carey. But which one comes out on top? Take a look.

Chart Success
This isn't very fair considering that Demi's chart career has been around 5x longer than Ariana's, but it is still worth a glance. If you compare Ariana's The Way to Demi's Heart attack, it is a pretty close race. Way debuted at No.10 on the Hot 100 with 219,000 copies sold, while Attack came in with very similar figures, No.12 with 215,000 (it eventually made its way to an equal No.10 peak). On airplay, Heart Attack has made it to No.7 on Radio Songs, while Way has made it to No.13. You can expect both stars to have double platinum records on their mantles by the end of the year.

However, if you compare both of their first singles to each other, it is still a close match. Demi's first single, This Is Me from the movie Camp Rock, sailed in at No.11 with sales in the neighborhood of 160,000 before moving up to No.9 the following week. So it seems that no matter how you look at it, Ariana is off to a stronger start to her career than Demi, and is comparable to the veteran in todays market.

These two big voiced sopranos have been starting wars in the YouTube comment sections since day one. Here on, Demi is given vocal grade A, while Ariana scores a superior Star rating; however, this does not mean that the two aren't comparable. Lets take a look:

  1. Belts: Winner - Demi
  • Demi's powerful voice is what she's known for, Ariana on the other hand, can have belts interpreted as shouts, or the belts can lack resonance.
  • Range: Winner - Ariana
    • This is simply fact. Ariana has 4 octaves under her belt (thanks to her explosive whistle register), while Demi has 3.
  • Melismatic Control: Winner - Ariana
    • Demi's runs can come off as sloppy, while Ariana's are very precise and clean. However, both are criminals in the sense that they tend to overuse the technique in live settings.
  • Emotions: Winner - Demi
    • Demi's troubling past lets her connect to music (especially balladry) better than Ariana's peppy Broadway vocals. Demi's voice can go from quivering to forceful in a minute, while Ariana lacks the vengeance that Demi can muster.
    While their vocals receive universal acclaim, both have had trouble finding their own niche in the Pop world. Demi is starting to find her groove, though she comes off as Kelly Clarkson's younger sister, and Ariana is a straight Mimi copycat. They've both admitted to have heavy influences from both, but is the influence from each Diva a little too much?

    Head To Head
    The final step in deciding a superior, put them head to head. Ariana covered Demi's original 'You're My Only Shorty," and their are plenty of combat video between them. take a listen below.

    Combat Video:
    You're My Only Shorty:
    Overall, I think Ariana wins. Better control, range, and her fans have her poised to become a massive industry force. Which one comes out on top for you? Comment below and let your voice be heard!