Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

After 3 years of absence from the music scene, I was expecting a lot more from the former Princess of Pop. This is only going to re-enforce the Radio embargo against her that started with Cant Be Tamed.

With a title like We Can't Stop, you would expect for RedOne produced, club banger that could be heard from miles away. That is the exact opposite of what it actually is. This is a heavily rap and electronic influenced track, it could easily pass as a track on M.I.A.'s latest LP, and could receive radio spins right after Snoop Lion's next single. It's a very slow electro-jam, which pairs surprisingly well with the lyrics.

The lyrics unfortunately, aren't going to be appealing to Radio DJ's, considering she isn't on Rihanna's level to get some provocative lyrics spun. Lyrically it discusses going to a strip club and lighting up blunts, which isn't going to help Miley's image anytime soon, AKA the one she has already destroyed. It seems that this song is destined to be a flop. Lyrics to racy, production too boring, combined with Miley's recent pop culture absence, don't look for this song to be topping the Hot 100 anytime soon, let alone nearing the Top 10 of any radio format. If you want some real slow party jams, stick to Kesha and Rihanna.

Vocals: C-
Lyrics: D-
Prodcution: C
Overall: D+